Capital Supports


Assistive Technology

• Cover professional technology or equipment.
• Need the therapist's assessment and provider's quotation.
• Provide funds for wheelchairs, prostheses and orthotics, portable hoists, auxiliary equipment for entertainment, auxiliary products for household tasks, auxiliary products for personal care and safety. Vehicle modification, including installation or modification. The vehicle allows participants to safely drive as passengers or drive equipment, Braille resources, and even the cost of buying guide dogs.
• Also includes repair costs for equipment related to disability.

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Home Modifications and Specialised Disability Accommodation

• Funds are used for the renovation or improvement of the house to make it more suitable for your independent life, such as stair climbers, certification or approval of house reconstruction, elevator home, handrails, bathrooms, toilets, laundry rooms, kitchens, and ramps wait.
• It can also include the cost of structural engineering, renovation project managers or building certifiers
• The cost of living in accommodation registered with Special Disability Accommodation (SDA) may also be funded.

The category in Myplace Portal is Home Modifications