Core supports


Assistance with Daily Living

• Support you to be as independent as possible at home.
• Funding various activities, such as making decisions for your family, personal care and assisting with housework, preparing meals and delivering meals, cleaning the house, gardening, washing and change clothes, etc.
• Assist and/or supervise daily tasks, short-term accommodation and assistance (such as respite care) in independent living or shared living environment.

The category in Myplace Portal is Daily Activities


Transport Allocance

• If you cannot use public transportation because of your disability, this category may provide you with
• Transportation, or special transportation, to help you get to school, employment, and community. You will be able to receive education, enjoy entertainment and participate in work just like the everyone else.
• You or your transportation provider will be paid directly by NDIA or your plan manager, usually every two weeks or monthly.
• Learn more about transportation and NDIS.

The category in Myplace Portal is Transport



• It is the supplies you need every day due to disability.
• Covers "off-the-shelf" items such as nutritional products, continence products, colostomy bags and dressing aids.
• It can also cover small, low-risk and low-cost assistive devices-such as walkers, sensory devices, kettle stabiliser, modified cutlery or tablets, smartphones and in some cases iPad or tablet applications.
• Funding can also be provided for assistance dog expenses, such as pet insurance and grooming services.
• Funding can also be provided for interpretation and translation services.
• An occupational therapist can help you determine what you need.

The category in Myplace Portal is Consumables


Assistance with Social & Community Participation

• Provide you with support for participating in community, social and recreational activities.
• Include the support you need to participate in, but usually do not include the cost of actual activities (actual activities may be funded by "increased social and community participation (Category 9)").
• Tuition fees, art classes, sports coaching and similar activities can improve skills and independence. Camps, classes and vacation activities with capacity building, coaching or peer support, and personal skills development.

(Note that tickets to concerts or sports events are usually not covered, but you can use the funds for support staff to help you participate in these events.)

The category in Myplace Portal is Social, community and civid participation